The Solitaire Crystal Collection

The Solitaire Crystal Collection started selling in 2000 and has been one of the most coveted collections. The most common one in the market is the silver CC and gold CC with clear crystal piercing earrings with the hallmark on the back.


This style is also available with different colors, such as light blue and fuchsia, but it is uncommon to find.

Here is the matching brooch that can be worn as a pendant as well.

The round pendant necklace is even super rare. It is rarely seen in the market.


Some special items from this collection.


It also comes with the pendant necklace. The pendant was originally paired with the snack chain and hook closure. A lot of people, even some online selling sites are not familiar with it and mistakenly the chain is not original.

After 2004, Chanel re-issued the necklace with curb chain in gold and silver color as a classic style.

In 2018, it was re-designed and created.


We would keep updating once we receive more styles from this collections.