Kim Alpert – 6/9/22 – batch of 15 items


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1. Chanel Small Gunmetal CC Crystal Faux Pearl Dangle Piercing Earrings/ 2128-48377/ $1000

2. Chanel Classic CC Crystal Overlap Medium Piercing Earrings/ 2261-41358 / $1000

3. Chanel Gold Plated Letter Short Necklace As Seen on Miley Cyrus/ AB7050-00269 / $1100


4. Chanel Gold CC Black Ruffle Pearl Dangle Pendant Necklace/ AB3145-00306

5. Chanel Silver Scratchy CC Pearl Chains Dangle Clip on Earrings /AB3009-00307

6. Chanel Vintage Silver Coco Coin Gold CC Dangle Clip on Earrings/ AB2936-00308

7. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Crystal Pearl Dangle CC Piercing Earrings/ AB1051-06309

8. Chanel Gold CC Multi Red Crystal Small Piercing Earrings/ 2082-47373

9. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated Mini Pearl Pearl Dangle Piercing Earrings/ 1043-49335

10. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Star Round Black Coin Dangle Piercing Earrings/ 2071-45240

11. Chanel Silver CC Crystal Mint Enamel Clover Clip on Earrings /AB1084-00219

12. Chanel Silver CC Crystal Pink Enamel Clover Clip on Earrings / AB1054-00218

13. Chanel Vintage Silver CC Gothic Letter Word Piercing Earrings/ 1989-41329

14. Chanel Gold CC Multi Color Crystals Ivory Resin Necklace / 2131-40273

15. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated Heart Pink Crystal CC Arrow Brooch/ AB1062-00310