Kim Alpert – 6/6/22 – batch of 22 items


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1. Chanel Small Gunmetal CC Crystal Faux Pearl Dangle Piercing Earrings/ 2128-48377

2. Chanel Classic CC Crystal Overlap Medium Piercing Earrings/ 2261-41358

3. Chanel Gold Cut Edge CC Bronze Crystal Clip on Earrings/ AB1191-00296

4. Chanel Classic Silver CC Crystal Medium Clip on Earrings/ AB3006-00298

5. Chanel Gunmetal CC Crystal Bangle Bracelet / 1054-44378

6. Chanel Classic Silver CC Faux Pearl Piercing Earrings/ 2126-42379

7. Chanel Vintage White CC Gold Plated Coral Clover Clip on Earrings / AB2043-00298

8. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated Classic CC Crystal Curve Medium Clip on Earrings/ AB2062-00299

9.Chanel Silver CC Rhinestone Safety Pin/ AB2001-00230

Chanel Gold CC Ribbon Bow Crystal Clip on Earrings/ 2106-49356

10. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated Black Enamel CC Clip on Earrings/ AB2062-00231


11. Chanel Silver CC Fuchsia Camellia Clip on Earrings/ 2103-49380

12. Chanel White CC Black Corner Flower Clip on Earrings/ AB2074-00232

13. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Flower Red Green Enamel Piercing Earrings/ AB8000-00279

14. Chanel Gold CC 5 Pastel Crystal Dangle Pendant Necklace/ AB3006-00233

15. Chanel Rustic Silver CC Pearl Chunk Dangle Clip on Earrings / 1084-41382

16. Chanel Mint Resin Camellia CC Dangle PIercing Earrings/ 2002-46384

17. Chanel Silver Argyle Shiny Crystal CC Dangle Necklace As seen on Paris Hilton/ AB3110-00234

18. Chanel Light Gold Ribbon Bow CC Dangle Necklace/ AB2185-00297

19. Chanel Classic Silver CC Crystal Small Piercing Earrings/ 2039-45385

20. Chanel Silver Clover Crystal CC Pearl Dangle Piercing Earrings/ AB2979-00247


21. Chanel Gunmetal CC Pearl Chunk Dangle Clip on Earrings/ 1084-47383

22. Chanel Silver CC Pastel Pink Crystal Piercing Earrings/ AB2000-00267