Kim Alpert – 5/9/22 – batch of 20 items


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1. Chanel Light Gold Rope Large Clip on Earrings/ AB2113-00227

2. Chanel Gold CC Frame Piercing Earrings/ 3102-40332

3. Chanel Silver CC Rim Crystal Clip on Earrings/ AB2142-00228

4. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Crystal Large Clip on Earrings/ 2026- 49329

5. Chanel Silver CC Round Princess Crystal Piercing Earrings/ AB2176-00230

6. Chanel Classic Silver CC Faux Pearl Piercing Earrings/ AB2064-00231

7. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Plaid Hoop Earrings / AB1060-00231

8. Chanel Vintage Silver CC Cloudy Ice Drop Dangle Clip on Earrings/ AB1989-00224

9. Chanel Silver CC Crystal Mint Enamel Clover Clip on Earrings/ AB3014-02232

10. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Dot Lever Back Earrings/ AB1090-00233


11. Chanel Silver CC Black Glitter Piercing Earrings/ AB8100-00234

12. Chanel Silver CC Black Round Button Lever Back Earrings/ AB1047-00234

13. Chanel Classic Gold Plated CC Minimal Small Piercing Earrings/ AB2085-00235

14. Chanel Gunmetal CC Round Clip on Earrings/ AB1985-00236

15. Chanel Silver CC Pink Enamel Small Piercing Earrings / 1000-44330

16. Chanel Gold Plated Faux Pearl CC Crystal Dangle Lever Earrings/ AB1082-00237

17. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated Pearl Pearl Dangle Piercing Earrings/ AB1073-00238

18. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Pearl Tear Drop Pearl Clip on Earrings/ AB2963-00238

19. Chanel Gold CC Black Resin Flower Clip on Earrings/ 2012-44331

20. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Ivory Round Coin Hoop Earrings/ AB1087-00239