Kim Alpert – 5/26/22 – batch of 25 items


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1. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Crystal Clip on Earrings/ AB1230-04245

2. Chanel Vintage Classic Gold Plated CC Silver Crystal Brooch/ AB1197-04280

3. Chanel Classic Silver CC Rim Crystal Clip on Earrings/ AB3170-00264

4. Chanel Classic Silver CC Pearl Dangle Clip on Earrings/ AB1087-00256

5. Chanel Classic Silver CC Faux Pearl Clip on Earrings/ AB1065-00286

6. Chanel Classic Silver CC Faux Pearl Piercing Earrings/ 2025-43351

7. Chanel Black CC All Over Crystal Large Clip on Earrings / AB2193-00272

8. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated Plaid CC Pearl Piercing Earrings/ AB1083-00254

9. Chanel Gold CC Ribbon Bow Crystal Clip on Earrings/ 2106-49356

10. Chanel Gold CC Stud Piercing Earrings/ AB2187-00283


11. Chanel Gold Plated Faux Pearl CC Crystal Dangle Lever Earrings/ AB1062-00292

12. Chanel Silver CC Ivory Enamel Small Hoop Earrings/ 2016-48355

13. Chanel Vintage Silver 925 Camellia Cutout Square Pendant Necklace/ AB8000-00279

14. Chanel Vintage Silver 925 Camellia Cutout Square Hoop/ AB1050-00288

15. Chanel Vintage Silver 925 Camellia Cutout Square Hoop / AB1050-00257

16. Chanel Silver CC Black Enamel Leaves Crystal Bangle Bracelet/ 2095-46358

17. Chanel Silver CC Pink Princess Crystal Bangle Bracelet/ 2015-48362

18. Chanel Gunmetal CC Nail Hoop Earrings/ 1046-44357

19. Chanel Gold CC Black Enamel Velvet Ribbon Small Brooch/ AB2007-00276

20. Chanel Silver CC Green Ivory Enamel Geo Large Pin Pendant/ AB2979-00247


21. Chanel Gold Hammered CC Blue Stone Dangle Necklace/ AB2192-00258

22. Chanel Vintage Gold Plated CC Cutout Round Clip on Earrings/ AB2000-00267

23. Chanel Silver Plaid CC Black Onyx and Pearl Bracelet/ AB3008-07266

24. Chanel Silver CC Baguette Crystal Large Pendant Necklace/ AB2041-00274

25. Chanel Silver CC Crystal Brick Pearl Dangle Necklace/ 2165-47353