Authentic Classic Chanel Silver CC Crystal Moscova Piercing Earrings VS Replica

This article is to educate everyone how to avoid purchasing the “you-think-is-real” Moscova. Let’s check out the differences between the authentic and the replica.

Chanel Classic Silver CC Crystal Moscova Earrings was issued in 2011 ( approximately). It has silver and gold colors and has been one of the most coveted items.

We have spotted so many fake moscova earrings on ebay, and the price range is from $180 to $250. Not too cheap to make people feel like it is a fake but not too expensive to turn people away. When we checked the sellers, they all have a very young account or the feedback is single digit as a buyer. We have purchased them from different sellers for pictures and returned them after all. The funny thing is they all look the same.

Let’s start to spot the replica and authentic one.

FRONT -The left pair is the coarse replica, and the right pair is the exquisite and beautiful authentic original.

BACK- The texture on the back is extremely different, as well as the hallmark plates.

CLOSE UP – Clear close up to see the back and the hall mark plates. You can see how smooth the edge of the authentic one is.

FONT & SEWING- The font and the size of the font on the right hand side are wrong. The stitches are so wide. The craftsmanship of the authentic one on the left hand side is more delicate.

PACKAGE- The craftsmanship of the left package is very poor. The edges of the holder for earrings are not evenly lined.

POUCH- The pattern of the fake left pouch has the same vertical and horizontal measurement, but the right original one has longer vertical length, so it lays down perfectly when it folds.

BAR CODE /STICKER- The layout of all the information is very off, and the barcode is not a true barcode, because a true barcode never presents in that way on any merchandise.

Hopefully, this article will help you to purchase an authentic pair of Moscova. 🙂